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I mostly fave people's finished products. My faving is important. If it hasn't been faved, you got to link it to me.


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i need points to reach my goals. i'm a person who's always grateful no matter how many points i receive whether they're big or small, even one point makes my day & i always give a llama badge in return. i'm just looking to collect some points so i can help those in need. if u have points to spare or know someone who does, please tell them about me. :iconbeggingplz: i sadly can't buy points even if i want to. :depressed:

1-5 :points: - i'll give u a llama & fave 1 deviation of yours.
6-19 :points: - i'll give u a llama & look through ur gallery, even fave some of ur art & give positive feedback.
20-49 :points: - i'l give u a llama, fave ur entire gallery & watch u!
50-100 :points: - i'l give u a llama, fave ur entire gallery, watch u & I'll allow 1 icon request. it can be a still icon or a animation icon like these. :pointr:

every point is very appreciated & means a lot to me. i'm also aware that i'm asking a lot, but think about it, if u help by donating u'll be helping those who desperately want a premium membership, subscription, buy a print, etc. i'll be sure to put them to good use.

the top ten ppl who donate the most points get a feature in my journal! & the person who donates the highest points will also win a premium membership 100% guarantee. however, that won't be until the donation pool is full. help out as much as u can, every little bit counts. if u just want to donate out of kindness, that's also greatly appreciated. ^^
(don't mind below, it's to keep record. i do accept any points given out of kindness)
1.Kissu4You - pts 224
2.IdNiDveifencetum - pts 160
3.DJBless - pts 125
4.boooooki - pts 80
5.Alba-Jimenez - pts 50
6.Myrloenn - pts 30
7.Reruko - pts 30
8.kunoichi101 - pts 25
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10.stevepr56 - pts 20

sorry to inform but from now on, i cannot put anyone who's donates 20 points in the slots anymore. it''s unfair to those who donated those number of points. if u want to make it in the slots, u have to donate an extra point or so.
8-10 r tied. this will change depending who donates more points. it's to keep track on deviants who donate the most points.

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Just as my title implies, I don't like having to chew my cabbage twice (meaning I don't like having to repeat myself on the same topic. I don't wish to stir up trouble, I mean it. But someone (who won't be named) has been trying to rehash... you guessed it: my Yaoi/Yuri policy. He kept bellyaching and has even asked me a lot of  questions on the topic; trying to find loopholes.
This said person hasn't been the first nor the last person who's dogged me about my base rules. I'm tired of different people asking me the same questions over and over and over and over again:

Why do you not allow yaoi/yuri? (Or of the like.)

I mentioned once, and I've mentioned it more then possibly a thousand times.

1) It's not my cup of tea.
2) It's not my fetish.

3) I don't wish to see it being linked to me to view it nor being done with my couple bases.

4) I'm not interested in seeing canon characters (NaruSasu/SakuIno for examples) kissing/making out/fucking, and I never will be.

5) How would you feel if I linked something to you that doesn't make you feel comfortable?

6) Maybe you're into that but I'm not, there's nothing against you, but understand that not everyone is into it and I'm one of them.

So there you have it, take your pick.

There are no loopholes and don't you dare look for them, because it all boils down to I don't like it and I don't wish to see what you made with my pairing base. If you don't like my Yaoi/Yuri policy, instead of leaving a hateful comment saying why you don't like it, or call me names, etc, etc, do this instead: You see the search bar beside the DeviantArt logo in the upper left? Type anything into that bar and it'll take you to every other page but mine (so long as you don't search my name). Like I've said you can either:

1. Look for Yaoi/Yuri bases somewhere else cause I'm not the only base maker on here.

2. Make your own Yaoi/Yuri bases and set your own rules.

Please bear this in mind as well:

:star:I am not forcing you to watch my account.
:star:I am not forcing to look at my stuff.
:star:I am not forcing you to comment to me.
:star:I am not forcing you to use my bases.

Here's the common sense of it: You clicked on my base/journal/username because you were obviously interested in something I had to offer.
I will keep this up for a while so if anyone who isn't aware about my reasons of why I don't allow Yaoi/Yuri used with my bases, you better look for it on my homepage. If not and you dog me with another question again, I will crack hard on someone. I don't like chewing my cabbage twice.


ShinanaEvangelian1's Profile Picture
I Make Bases! Don't Flame!!
United States
if i'm not on this account, then i'm on my other account. u can find me here. :pointr::iconshinanaevangelian:

i'm just a humble base-maker who enjoys making bases when i'm on my leisure time & not editing bases on my other account. i like to make bases that haven't been made yet for those who are looking for them. i don't try to ask a lot, but a little bit of credit for using (references) of my bases is most appreciated. i don't look for trouble & i'd appreciate it if trouble doesn't find me.
i'm generally a nice person (as what my watchers in my other account say about me) & i like to be myself. i'm either a person u like or dislike. if u like me, then i like u. :aww: but if u don't like me, then i don't like u either. :x but like anyone else, i can get pissed off, but that's only if u flame me or simply pick a fight with me. if u mess with me, i can block u without a second thought. but in most cases, i'm affable and respectful. if i'm ur friend, u're my friend. :heart:

as for bases, i do requests but there r certain conditions in order for me to do them.

-not artwork that belongs to certain artists, i want to avoid getting in trouble for using their art for a base unless u verify that i have their consent. screenshots of anime r ok with me.

-nothing complicated. it's not to be mean or picky, but any pic where i have to guess the anatomy, i'll have to turn it down. i'm not that skilled.

-hardcore hentai, yaoi & yuri r a BIG no-no with me. i don't want to get in trouble with the DA staff if i post intense sexuality, however mild sexuality is ok. yaoi & yuri, i don't like. it's not to sound i'm prejudice or be a poor sport, but i just don't want to have anything to do with guy on guy & girl on girl pics/bases. I don't swing that way.





Current Residence: Wouldn't you like to know
Favourite genre of music: any song that i find catchy
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: Deidara, Sakura, Tamaki, Sesshomaru, (too many to name)
Personal Quote: What goes around comes around. The more you give, the more you get.

Journal History


Joseph Joestar X OC Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! So... confession time! I'm into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I'm trying to download the show (for free) but I can't seem to find the real first season. All I have is DIO's World arc and this other arc with the Pillar Men. Joseph is from JJBA.

thank you guys for faving this base!
if you've read my note to flamers, you get the idea.
Irina and Rose Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! From Assassination Classroom, Irina with a rose.

thank you guys for faving this base!
if you've read my note to flamers, you get the idea.
Akeno's Surprise Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! I forgot the name of the anime but all rights of the original are reserved for that anime.

thank you guys for faving this base!
if you've read my note to flamers, you get the idea.
Wedding Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! From a cute anime called Midori Days. Seiji and Takako are from Midori Days.

thank you guys for faving this base!
if you've read my note to flamers, you get the idea.


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I have some base ideas if you're interested
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