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i need points to reach my goals. i'm a person who's always grateful no matter how many points i receive whether they're big or small, even one point makes my day & i always give a llama badge in return. i'm just looking to collect some points so i can help those in need. if u have points to spare or know someone who does, please tell them about me. :iconbeggingplz: i sadly can't buy points even if i want to. :depressed:

1-5 :points: - i'll give u a llama & fave 1 deviation of yours.
6-19 :points: - i'll give u a llama & look through ur gallery, even fave some of ur art & give positive feedback.
20-49 :points: - i'l give u a llama, fave ur entire gallery & watch u!
50-100 :points: - i'l give u a llama, fave ur entire gallery, watch u & I'll allow 1 icon request. it can be a still icon or a animation icon like these. :pointr:

every point is very appreciated & means a lot to me. i'm also aware that i'm asking a lot, but think about it, if u help by donating u'll be helping those who desperately want a premium membership, subscription, buy a print, etc. i'll be sure to put them to good use.

the top ten ppl who donate the most points get a feature in my journal! & the person who donates the highest points will also win a premium membership 100% guarantee. however, that won't be until the donation pool is full. help out as much as u can, every little bit counts. if u just want to donate out of kindness, that's also greatly appreciated. ^^
(don't mind below, it's to keep record. i do accept any points given out of kindness)
1.Kissu4You - pts 224
2.IdNiDveifencetum - pts 160
3.DJBless - pts 125
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5.Alba-Jimenez - pts 50
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7.Reruko - pts 30
8.kunoichi101 - pts 25
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10.stevepr56 - pts 20

sorry to inform but from now on, i cannot put anyone who's donates 20 points in the slots anymore. it''s unfair to those who donated those number of points. if u want to make it in the slots, u have to donate an extra point or so.
8-10 r tied. this will change depending who donates more points. it's to keep track on deviants who donate the most points.

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Dear Drama,


Why are you such a bitch? Lately, you seem to be crawling up my ass. I'm just a harmless admin on dA trying to stay away from you yet you seem to always find me. I'm a base maker here on this alternate account, a simply base maker who made her own rules, mind you. I don't care about popularity, but it is nice to make connections with other people that I haven't connected on my main account and enjoy making bases when I don't feel like dolling or writing a fanfic. But everything these days is about the fame or drama.

But lately Drama, you've been a cruel, unforgiving bitch. I compare your creulty to a giant kid with magnifying glass. Not that this hasn't been going on from time to time, but this year, people seem to be having the bad graces to adamently give me a hard time when I don't want it. I've been dealing with Yaoi/Yuri fans who accuse me of being what they like to call freely "homophobe."

Why have people nowadays seem to be so easily touchy when they see that I don't wish to have my bases turn into something I don't like/wish to see? I'm a Christian as you know and it is believed that homosexuality is frowned upon because it goes against God's plan. Well, I'm not a religious fanatic myself and I've overtime learned that people are different in their own ways and that it's not fair to be critical towards them about their ways. And that they are human beings that deserve respect like everyone does. Even so, I perfer not to be recruited into Yaoi and/or Yuri because they don't tickle my fancy and I simply don't wish to see such content when I check out their finished products .

I try to be respectful to people's preference in that aspect by not "flaming/trolling" them but they seem to go out of their own way to jump down my throat much to my displeasure. Drama, I don't get why other's are hypocritical when it comes to attacking others. The fact that they CHOSE to take my 'no Yaoi/Yuri' policy personally, it's their fault. My rules are not meant to  offend anyone intentially and if more than anything, they're offending me for going against my wishes and bashing me. I still stick by my beliefs and people act like such ignorant fools. They think they're standing up for a cause, but in my eyes, they only seem to give themselves a bad name.

Seriously, would you pick on someone because they like different gaming systems, dishes, colors, genre of musics? It's rather childish that people stoop so low as to bully someone because they have different likes and dislikes. I don't go to their homepage and slam them with Bible verses because I know I have nothing to gain for it other than disputes. They don't seem to understand that Yaoi/Yuri makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't allow and/or make Yaoi/Yuri bases because I'm not confortable about it.

Honest to goodness, it's like a penis, I don't wish to see it EVERYWHERE and I don't want it crammed down my throat when some disrespectful Yaoi/Yuri fan bitch tries to convert me. Is that so hard to acknowledge? They are completely intolerant of those who have different preferences. They can try to defend it as "wanting to defend Yaoi/Yuri" but this is complete bullshit.


Another issue I face with thanks to you Drama are art/base theives. I haven't faced with anyone who makes an impact but lately, I came across one who still has some if not a couple of my bases she used and (still) hasn't credit me for using them. I thank those who went out of their way to report and had them removed, it hasn't gone unnoticed. Again thank you. However I still see a couple that are still there (and still not credited). This anonymous base stealer either thinks I speaking another language to her when I simply say "give credit and show me after submitting" or she can't tell her face from her ass and vice versa.


And last but not least, I had to deal with an admin who turned out to be an 8 year old who wanted to see my Ecchi bases and diligently pestered me to allow her to see them. When I asked her how old she was, she confessed that she was eight but lied about her age saying she was 16 on dA. Well, knowing that showing illicit sex scenes to minors is illegal and I didn't want to risk getting in trouble, I told her so and advise her to wait until she's older. But what does she do??? Starts acting like a brat!!! Not accepting no for an answer and thinking that she could get her way by acting like a brat. I'd tell her to act her own age, but then she already was and I don't believe 8 year olds can truly act mature for their age. Thank God she gone, but still... what were the odds of me putting up with shit like that, Drama? I blame you Drama and everyone who's been giving me hell these past hellish months.


My conclusion to all of this: I'd rather be a "homophobe" than to go against my beliefs, I'd rather be a bitch than to allow someone to violate my rules and get away with it, and I'd rather be uncool than to be a sex offender.

And I'm about to block anyone stupid enough to make a disrespectful impression and ban them from using my bases. I wanted to avoid doing this approach, but so far it's been doing no good for me. I try to be a nice person, but what happens to her? She gets either walked all over on, or simply treated like shit.


With love,



P.S. To Drama and those mfs who put me through all of this shit, go fuck yourselves and leave me alone! Your nasty, ill-mannered comments simply reflect what you are.


P.S.S. And because of all of this, I'm going on hiatus! Now this doesn't mean that I'm leaving for good. I know that quitters never prosper, I don't quit that easily. I just... need a break from everything this account has got me. Idk when I'll return but if I do, it's mostly to keep update on people's final products, but I will not be answering comments... except for in this journal.

And to all of those who've stood by my side, never gave me drama and supported me through thick and thin, I LOVE you all!!! I thank you from the bottom of heart, I give my heart out to you for your help. Keep it up! For those who still want to contact me, you know where to find me.


ShinanaEvangelian1's Profile Picture
I Make Bases! Don't Flame!!
United States
if i'm not on this account, then i'm on my other account. u can find me here. :pointr::iconshinanaevangelian:

i'm just a humble base-maker who enjoys making bases when i'm on my leisure time & not editing bases on my other account. i like to make bases that haven't been made yet for those who are looking for them. i don't try to ask a lot, but a little bit of credit for using (references) of my bases is most appreciated. i don't look for trouble & i'd appreciate it if trouble doesn't find me.
i'm generally a nice person (as what my watchers in my other account say about me) & i like to be myself. i'm either a person u like or dislike. if u like me, then i like u. :aww: but if u don't like me, then i don't like u either. :x but like anyone else, i can get pissed off, but that's only if u flame me or simply pick a fight with me. if u mess with me, i can block u without a second thought. but in most cases, i'm affable and respectful. if i'm ur friend, u're my friend. :heart:

as for bases, i do requests but there r certain conditions in order for me to do them.

-not artwork that belongs to certain artists, i want to avoid getting in trouble for using their art for a base unless u verify that i have their consent. screenshots of anime r ok with me.

-nothing complicated. it's not to be mean or picky, but any pic where i have to guess the anatomy, i'll have to turn it down. i'm not that skilled.

-hardcore hentai, yaoi & yuri r a BIG no-no with me. i don't want to get in trouble with the DA staff if i post intense sexuality, however mild sexuality is ok. yaoi & yuri, i don't like. it's not to sound i'm prejudice or be a poor sport, but i just don't want to have anything to do with guy on guy & girl on girl pics/bases. I don't swing that way.





Current Residence: Wouldn't you like to know
Favourite genre of music: any song that i find catchy
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: Deidara, Sakura, Tamaki, Sesshomaru, (too many to name)
Personal Quote: What goes around comes around. The more you give, the more you get.

Journal History


Sesshomaru X OC 1 Base by ShinanaEvangelian1
Sesshomaru X OC 1 Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! Sesshomaru from Inuyasha.


thank u guys for faving this base!
if u've read my note to flamers, u get the idea.
Koga X OC Base by ShinanaEvangelian1
Koga X OC Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! Koga from Inuyasha.


thank u guys for faving this base!
if u've read my note to flamers, u get the idea.
Koga and Kagome Base by ShinanaEvangelian1
Koga and Kagome Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! Koga and Kagome from Inuyasha.


thank u guys for faving this base!
if u've read my note to flamers, u get the idea.
Ayaka Base by ShinanaEvangelian1
Ayaka Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! Ayaka from Negima.


thank u guys for faving this base!
if u've read my note to flamers, u get the idea.
Jiro X OC Base by ShinanaEvangelian1
Jiro X OC Base
big base is BIG!!! download if you're going to use this! Jiro from Black Blood Brotherhood.


thank u guys for faving this base!
if u've read my note to flamers, u get the idea.

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